10 Tech Gifts to Give to Non-Techies


Most of us living in this digital age indulge in the pleasures of best tech gifts 2020 in form of gadgets and equipment. From dawn to sundown, we rely on technology to make our daily life easier and more comfortable. However, not everyone has the same opinion. Others prefer to do things as manual and as old-fashioned as possible whether it’s by choice or by circumstance.

Nevertheless, this article will list down several tech gifts you can choose from for a non-techie friend or loved one.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Great for outdoors, wireless Bluetooth speakers can make your weekend barbeque outing more enjoyable with music.

Robot Vacuum with WiFi Connectivity

Even though it’s pricey, the idea of cleaning the floor by only using an app seems like heaven. It’s easy to access, and as a bonus, you can still manually operate it.

High Tech Pet Tag

Is your friend a fur parent? Then this gift might be the perfect one. A high tech pet tag allows you to monitor the fur babies’ movements via notifications from an app. It’s simply purr-fect!

WiFi-Friendly Pet Feeder

Another animal lover must-have! This device allows pet owners to feed their fur babies with a single tap from their smartphones. You can even set the time and adjust the amount of food suitable to your friend’s pet’s diet.


Extremely popular, drones help a lot of people take pictures easier, especially when it involves events with a large number of attendees. Your non-techie friend won’t be able to resist making use of these tech gifts.

Power Banks

Another useful item that’s surely a great help. Nowadays, bringing power banks with you is as important as not forgetting to lock the front door of your house. Useful in emergencies, power banks make a good gift to students or even working adults.

Long-Distance Lamp

This cool device lets you and a friend or a loved one communicate with each other. Normally popular with young couples, long-distance lamps comes in pairs. It’s like saying hi to the other person but without texting or calling them.

Temperature-Controlled Mug

Your non-techie friend will certainly appreciate this if he or she likes to drink hot beverages. It keeps your drink warm for over an hour so, allowing you to enjoy sipping that coffee while reading a newspaper or while watching the news.

VR Gaming Headset

A great gift to kids and kids at heart. It will certainly add some spice to game night.

Item Locators

Repeatedly hearing how a loved one kept losing their keys? Why not opt for Bluetooth-supported item locators? These items are useful in tracking items that are easily lost inside the house.


There are still other tech gifts you can give to your loved ones. Before purchasing one, you must first weigh the pros and cons should you decide which item you’d buy for them. Consider whether they’d appreciate what you brought for them. Also, remember that while you might find it easy to maneuver gadgets and stuff, the recipient might find it difficult to do so.