A Basic Guide on Hoverboard Scooters

Hoverboard Scooters

An Overview

Shane Chen is known as the one who created the very first hoverboard with Hovertrax. Hoverboards also called self-balancing or smart scooters, are two-wheeled motor-powered vehicles. If you are also a fan, must check hoverboard sale escooterireland.ie once.

They do not hover or float above the ground like those true hoverboards which use magnetic levitation technology.

Instead, these smart scooters have two wheels to move around. They are more challenging to operate as they do not have any handlebars to hold on to for balance.

Why Name It As “Hoverboard”?

Why are they called hoverboards when they would not even hover? This is due to the presence of sensors on both wheels of the machine that help these futuristic gadgets to stay balanced.

These sensors can detect which direction the rider is leaning onto. These are activated by the weight you place on the board. The sensors send data to a control board and a gyroscope. The latter is a tool found inside the hoverboard that helps it to position itself and to stay stable.

Any gathered information regarding the tilt of the self-balancing scooter is passed along its main logic board or “brain”. It then sends back data to the motors, prompting them how fast the wheels must be turned and in which direction to go.

How Does It Work?

To give you a picture of how it is done. Imagine yourself attempting to move forward while standing on a hoverboard. Press your toes down and lean forward so that this movement is picked up by the sensors. It will then be translated by the gyroscopes and control board to be sent to the logic board for processing.

It will tell the motors to move the wheels in a forward position and at a speed that will match with your body position. If you want to turn right you need to lean forward using your left foot and then lean backwards using your right foot. The said movements will enable the left wheel to move in a forward direction and the right wheel to move backwards thus turning the entire gadget towards the right.

Are They Safe?

Owning these machines truly became a trend for the public. However, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission found out that there are hoverboards out on the market who are considered unsafe. In fact, there are already several instances where hoverboards who are already out on the market were recalled.

Consumers are highly advised to make sure to buy one that has met the new safety standards and was certified by the Underwriters’ Laboratories or UL which is an independent safety certification company. UL holographic certification stickers are placed on those hoverboards who have passed the safety protocols.

Final Thoughts

Nonetheless, the mechanics and physics behind these innovations are pretty cool.

To maintain balance while riding the machine one must master controlling the device using just his or her feet.

If you are still not satisfied with this self-balancing scooter, do not worry because true hoverboards with no wheels are definitely coming soon.

They will be powered by hover engines that have electromagnets. The latter will work with an inductor to generate a powerful magnetic field thus making the board hover in the air.