Army Infantry Gun Upgrade: Computerized Fire Control

Army Infantry Gun Upgrade

What’s technology if it can’t be used for general security and prosperity? The U.S. military squad has come up with the 2020 innovation of their weapons: new models of rifles, high-tech powered guns, and the most awaited computerized fire control feature. But if you are wondering that what is Red Dot vs. Prism Scope? Then you are at the right article.

Next Generation Squad Weapons

The NGSW program is a new innovative idea developed by the U.S. Army as a part of its 2020 aim mission. The notion of changing ordinary guns with high-powered ones have been present for the past decades, but budgeting and fund allocations have never been really addressed.

There are different types of army infantry guns used by the U.S. military during their victory in different wars and training practices. But just like any other gadget and materials, army weapons need to be upgraded and renewed.

By this year (2019), the U.S. Army Council has already made a list of their NGSW supplies. Some of the NGSW inclusions are the following:

  • NGSW-Automatic Rifle (NGSW-AR) – this one will work as a handsome substitute to the classic M249 squad automatic weapon. This is a lot more loaded and lighter compared to the latter. It would cost twice the price, though the military council claimed that they’ve been preparing for this innovation from the past decade.
  • NGSW-Rifle – this rifle will serve as the replacement to the basic U.S. army weapon called the M4 carbine. The NGSW-Rifle, when compared to the ordinary M4 carbine, is much easier to maneuver and carry around. It is also designed for an excellent bird’s eye aim.

The 2020 Aim

So far, the NGSW program has a bright future ahead. The main concept of its 2020 aim is that NGSW weapons should replace the basic supplies in at least 27 army camps in the U.S. It would be hard and quite impossible to change all weapons in all army camps in the U.S. due to their purchase price and also for the seminars and training needed to equip the army with these.

Changing weapons won’t be as easy as changing supply brands. The substitutes are whole new models and a lot more modern when compared to the past weapons.

By the third quarter of 2020, the U.S. military aims to develop and produce weapons with computerized fire control systems. These are going to be in the form of guns, rifles, and even espionage trinkets. The objective of using computerized fire control systems is to reduce the number of army fatalities and increase faith in technology when it comes to promoting national security.

The downside of this NGSW program is that it invokes war and gives people the hint that there could possibly be a great war in the following years. It is undeniable that the U.S. has been losing its allies ever since the Trump administration. This could also be one of the reasons why the upgrade is being pushed through as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the U.S. Army is doing its best to provide the utmost service and protect the nation with the best weapon they have — their lives.