Army Infantry Gun Upgrade

Army Infantry Gun Upgrade: Computerized Fire Control

What’s technology if it can’t be used for general security and prosperity? The U.S. military squad has come up with the 2020 innovation of their weapons: new models of rifles, high-tech powered guns, and the most awaited computerized fire control feature. But if you are wondering that what is Red Dot vs. Prism Scope? Then you are at the right article. Next Generation Squad Weapons The NGSW program is a new innovative idea...
Word Symbols Library

Guide in Adding Special Characters Using Alt Key Codes or the Word Symbols Library

Similar to other word processor programs, Microsoft Word operates with American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) and this does not work in other languages and you have to go tieng viet online. A numeric character code for every alphabetical, numerical and special character on the typical QWERTY keyboard. Without ASCIII, we can only use open text files to the selected software program and the passwords for some programs...
Cloud Storage Services for Photos

Which are the Best Cloud Storage Services for Photos?

In this digital era, photos are taken and stored in various media forms as opposed to the traditional ways of printing them. It is essential to store your photos with more than one service. This will ensure your photos will not be lost if one of the forms experiences a problem such as crashing or attack by malware. You can read more about that by Navigate here. Cloud storage is one of the most commonly used avenues of...
Basic Camera Parts

Basic Camera Parts You Should Know About

It is amazing thing that how memories can be treasured and last for generations through the use of a camera. This generation today is so lucky to have their family photos kept digitally or developed as hard copies. More than just family photos, cameras have been the eye of the world to see the history and current occurrences! Cameras have been a part of people’s daily lives all over the world for sentimental, educational, and observatory...
Computer Parts

Computer Parts Needed to Mod your Computer

If you’ve already heard about modding, you’ll know how essential it is. Modifying  software is essential to alleviate the overall quality and improve the existing controls of the software itself. You can even build build your own PS4 controller if you know how to mod your computer. In this article, know the different computer parts needed to mod your computer. If you’re a tech-savvy or you just want hitting on the...

Managing the My Games List in the Xbox Console Companion App on Windows 10

With the launch of each new Windows version, Microsoft has been able to simplify and enhance its user experience. Moreover, it has been integrating its well-known services such as Office 365 and Xbox console in it as well. The latest version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 10, has been nothing less. Not only its advanced UI has offered better access to the PC console, but its integrated application such as My Games have also allowed managing and get
Portable Speaker

Buying Tips: How to Choose a Portable Speaker

For most of us and TL Dev Tech, parties would be incomplete without music. Generations ago, people would haul up large speakers just to get the groove started. However, unlike before, there are wireless speakers which are light and handy nowadays. You can literally bring them anywhere. The most common types of wireless speakers on the market are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers. Wi-Fi speakers use internet...
Computer Repair Websites

Best Computer Repair Websites You Should Check Out

Computers are the greatest weapons of today’s technology. And the hardest enemy? Computer virus and system breakdowns. For online businesses, manipulating the user interface of their website is a must to be able to attract the masses. However, this is not an easy task. Having a terrible user interface is bad for every web hay whose main line of business is through the internet. If you often find yourself in a situation where you need computer...
Virtual Data Room Services

How to Select the Right Virtual Data Room Services?

Virtual data rooms are bringing corporate operations to a whole new level. Managers and employees can now easily share, upload, download, and access company data and files instantly and safely. While there are tons of data room services available nowadays, landing on the best one is not as simple as it seems. If you are wondering how to select the right service, here are a few tips to help you select the top dog. Do Your Research and...
Computer Repair

Is Online Computer Repair a Good Option for You?

What do you do when your trusted computer suddenly breaks down? Unless you know how to troubleshoot and repair what is wrong with it, you will need a reliable computer repair service provider. Here is a compelling case study about this. While the traditional brick and mortar computer repair services are still an option, online computer repair services are becoming more convenient today with the...
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