Best Computer Repair Websites You Should Check Out

Computer Repair Websites

Computers are the greatest weapons of today’s technology. And the hardest enemy? Computer virus and system breakdowns.

For online businesses, manipulating the user interface of their website is a must to be able to attract the masses. However, this is not an easy task. Having a terrible user interface is bad for every web hay whose main line of business is through the internet.

If you often find yourself in a situation where you need computer repairs or you yourself are engaged in the computer repair industry, then these you should check out these 5 highly recommended websites for computer repairs:

Cowabunga Computers

First on the list is Cowabunga Computers. This website, which is headquartered at Honolulu, Hawaii, is one of the most recommended computer repair websites mainly due to its fun yet straightforward user interface (UI).

Their goal is to provide fast, friendly, and affordable solutions. Of course, with reliable information and expert advice, backed by good customer reviews and feedbacks, you can surely rely on this website for most, if not all, of your computer repair needs.


Next on the list is Supergeeks. This website has a very humorously written font option and a very engaging UI. Upon entering the website, different customer needs are already previewed to make visitors find the information they’re looking for with ease. This site is designed graphically for ease of transactions and customer entertainment.

E-Bits PC and Laptop

Third on the list is E-Bits PC and Laptop. This is a website which use their past customers to build up their name — they do this by posting pictures of their previous satisfied customers.

This factor is very important to show potential clients the trust they have gained for their quality of service. Also, the graphic design of this website looks classy – backdropped by city views and complimented by command buttons in popping colors!


Fourth on the list is GeektoGo. This LA-based website has a simple user interface which cues its clients instantly on what’s going on. Its nice blue and white color scheme is fresh in the eyes and does not overpower the display pictures and command buttons.

Their services cover almost every computer repair situation there is. The problem, however, is that contacting them will take some time. To reach them easily, you can send them a direct e-mail instead.


Last but not least is FIXLAPTOP. This website’s home page says it all — their contact details, address, service fee, models they repair, and problems they give solutions to. It has a simple graphic design which is very appealing to their clients since it shows what they have to offer direct to the point and with no fluff. That’s one trait busy clients are looking for.


These recommended websites are found based on client feedback. With years of experience, they have definitely proven themselves to offer quality service to their clients. If you’re struggling with issues on your computer in terms of performance, checking out these websites can surely help.