Choosing a Ceiling Fan for Your Game Room

Game Room fan

Your game room wards off your boredom, especially when it comes with the right ventilation. In choosing a ceiling fan for your game room, you have to take note of some considerations such as the size of the fan, number of its blades, and the angle in which the blades are placed. These are important because they affect how the ceiling fan will perform. My friend suggested me SpinFans and I really liked their ceiling fans design and build quality. Below, we’ll give you tips in choosing a ceiling fan for your game room.

Choose the right size of the ceiling fan

The size of your room and the height of your ceiling must be considered. If your ceiling fan is small while your room is large, then it wouldn’t make much of a difference from not having a fan at all. Also, if your ceiling fan is big while your room is small, then you might have a feeling of having a wild storm inside your game room.

For your guidance, if your room is up to 75 square feet, then you need to have a fan that is around 36-inches wide. If your room is up to 144 square feet, you can have a 36 to 42-inches-wide fan. If your room is about 225 square feet, you can have a 50 to 54-inches-wide fan. Moreover, if your gaming room is larger, then you need an oversized fan or multiple ceiling fans.

Check the number and angle of blades

Here, you can have an aesthetic preference as to the number and angle of blades in your ceiling fan. But if you want to be practical about it, you can take the suggestion of American Lighting Association which is a 12 to 15-degree blade pitch. This kind of blade angle promotes optimum airflow which may be totally convenient for your game room. Although it is important for you to know that the steeper the pitch, the more air the ceiling fan can churn.

Note the safe ceiling fan height

When it comes to the height of the ceiling fan, it is vital that you take note of some safety precautions. The blades of the fan should not be any less than the standard height which is 7 feet from the ground. It can be higher though but not lesser. You must conform to this standard and be safe in your comfy game room.

Choose a fan with a heavy-duty motor

As you may well know, you need the ceiling fan for your game room to work when you need it to. So, you must avail of a ceiling fan with a heavy-duty motor. This can last for a long time, providing you with the leisure of using it for months or even years. With a quality ceiling fan in your game room, there can be no distraction from playing.

These are the things that you must remember when choosing a ceiling fan for your game room. Keep these tips in mind and you will do just fine. You can have a fun time in your game room with the right ceiling fan.