Computer Parts Needed to Mod your Computer

Computer Parts

If you’ve already heard about modding, you’ll know how essential it is. Modifying  software is essential to alleviate the overall quality and improve the existing controls of the software itself. You can even build build your own PS4 controller if you know how to mod your computer.

In this article, know the different computer parts needed to mod your computer.

If you’re a tech-savvy or you just want hitting on the technical stuff, why not build your own computer? First you need to know which type of computer you’d like to build—cheap and convenient, or costly yet efficient. With that, you can start doing a research about the cost to acquire the parts and where to acquire them.

As a headstart, we’ll give you the essential computer parts that you would need:


First up, you’ll need the motherboard. This board provides for the basis and buying guide for your next parts. All of the next parts to be connected with this board should be compatible with it. It depends to the motherboard on which type of memory technology does it need, how many modules may be installed, and which type of RAM it can handle.


The Central Processing Unit is very necessary for having your PC build since it is the heart of the computer. It will serve as the engine that will serve the PC’s purpose and set the PC’s performance level.

Pro Tip: In choosing the CPU for your PC build, keep an eye on the highest gigahertz (GHz)—the higher the gigahertz, the faster its processor will be.


Having a RAM with the largest space possible will help your PC build perform at its best. Every data transaction inside the computer needs memory, every memory needs storage and your storage is the RAM. It provides for the memory space needed every time you multitask in your PC and update apps. Having wide storage in your RAM will lessen the lagging and other unwanted PC bugs.


Choose a hard disk drive (HDD) that has a wide storage capacity. This will be advantageous in many ways—in storing files, mp4s, mp3s, and apps. If you want to keep your PC build on its best performance you can disregard hdds and switch to solid state drive (SSD). SSDs are faster and more energy-efficient than the ordinary HDD’s. It might be a bit more pricy than HDDs but SSDs are the new best storage PC part there is today.

Power Supply

Your power supply depends on the type of PC you are building. Excessive power supply needs high-powered fans and a more breathable case to prevent overheating and circuit shortage. Upon building the PC, you would also need to focus on the fan’s and case’s quality. Your PC’s other essential parts will be disregarded without these two.

Building your own PC is one type of system modification.

Gaming mods are one of the most important software modification that has ever been developed. Gaming mods enable modders to create their own game from an existing game engine, develop different game levels and create new gaming characters.

More than just gaming mods though, modification can also be used with hardware systems.

Give yourself a shot at modifying your hardware and building your own PC!