Find the Best Computer to Jumpstart Your Web Designing Career

Web Designing Career

If you’re just beginning your career as a web designer, there are several basic things like learn blogging which you must take into consideration for you to be able to effectively and efficiently do your job. Aside from your skills, you will need to find the best computer to work with.

No matter how good of a web designer you are, you won’t be as productive as you would want to be unless you get yourself a good computer that will cooperate with you and keep up to your speed.

Desktop Computer or Laptop

Which is better – a desktop computer or a laptop? The answer is – any will do.

Running a website is all about writing codes and this means it usually involves texts only. Texts don’t require too much from your computer. Unless you use software to build websites or would want to switch from one operating system to another, then, in general, you will not need the most advanced computers to design a website.

Basic Requirements to Look Out for

Even if it all depends on preference, there are basic requirements that you would need to pay attention to and these are the following:



Processor and RAM



Storage is the most crucial requirement that you would need to look out for. It is better to get an SSD or a Solid State Drive than an HDD or Hard Disk Drive because it is more durable and faster.

When it comes to running a website, speed is important because you will need to go through several pages, open and close different apps and files, and even switch operating systems for those who prefer to use different operating systems for the front-end work and the back-end work.

Although an SSD costs more than an HDD it’s all worth it, because you get to work at a faster pace and you will be able to save time.


The display is key to web designing. It is highly suggested that having a big monitor or a flat panel display is the better option so you will be able to see your work as accurately as possible such as the contents, the colors, the contrasts, and so much more, in a much bigger picture. Even if others may not notice it, you as a web designer should make sure that your work is always at the top of the game.

Processor and RAM

Intel i5 or higher is the better option for a processor. If you want things to go smoothly while you’re working, you would need something that can catch up to your speed and be able to multi-task. As a web designer, you will need to open multiple applications at once to develop and check codes. Hence, the need for a processor and RAM that is up to par with your demands.


Portability is important since, as a web designer, you would need to meet up with clients from time to time. You would need to present to them drafts of your work and keep them updated. This is something you cannot do with a desktop computer. Plus, if your computer is portable, you can work whenever and wherever.


To sum things up, it would be best to have a laptop, with the abovementioned features, for portability and at the same time get a flat panel display for convenience as it is easier to work with when you’re at home or the office.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, using any computer, even if it is old, would still allow you to do web design, but do note that you have to be patient with it and don’t expect too much from it.

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