Finding Your Photos in your PC the Easy Way for Windows 10

Photos in your PC

One of the major struggles when saving your photos on your PC’s local storage(s) is locating it when you are intending to use it. If you have a large number of photos and you just haven’t got the time to organize them into one single folder, chances are you’ll be searching the whole hard drive in your PC in order to locate your pictures. This is how to view photos on the photo stick instead of manually searching for picture files in your Windows PC. Most likely, you’d have realized how you would have considered a photo storage folder or drive for easy location of your picture files.

Manual searching involves the use of the search bar in your Windows Explorer in order to locate that single or multiple picture file you were looking for. Especially when you forgot the file name, you would have a slimmer chance in finding that photo(s) by using the search bar alone. However, there is an easy way to locate all your pictures in your drive and easily locate your picture files.

Search Your Photos Using the Search Tool in Your Windows Explorer

Using the Search Tool in your Windows Explorer will help you filter out all the files in your PC in different categories. For this scenario, you will be searching for a photo(s) and wants to know where they are located. In order to locate the photo(s), you will do these steps on your Windows Explorer.

Open Windows Explorer. If you do not know what this is, it is the folder of your PC or a file manager. Usually, this opens directly to Libraries or This PC. You will be accessing This PC by clicking it on the left pane of the window. This should be easily located as it is labeled as such.

If you know which drive you have saved them, select the drive. Otherwise, click on the search bar on the upper right-hand side of the screen. This has the magnifying glass icon in it so you can easily locate this bar.

Clicking on the search bar will bring up the Search Tool tab on the top part of your window. Click on “Search Tools” to bring up search options.

Click on “Kind”. This will drop down several categories of items on your PC. Since you are looking for pictures, click on “Picture.” As an alternative option, you can type in “kind:=picture” on the search bar right away.

This search will bring up all the photos stored on your PC/Drive. If you made a general search (this means searching the entire PC’s drives), you will see a lot of search results. You will be manually locating the picture by scrolling down on it until you find the photo you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found it, right-click on the picture file and select “Open File Location.” This will show you where the picture(s) was stored.

It is highly suggested that you should have a dedicated photo storage folder on your PC. If possible, have a portable hard drive or flash drive or a separate disk partition (drive) for all your pictures and videos. This way, you can easily locate your photos without ever having to go back to these steps again.