How to Develop an App Similar to Instagram

App Similar to Instagram

The next big thing in any social, mobile network will be an app that allows photo uploading, and video-sharing, like Instagram. Many of users are crazy to follower kaufen on Insta. At the start, Instagram cost $500. And after two funding rounds, it collected a total of $57.5M and had ten investors.

Currently, Instagram is valued at more than 100 Billion dollars. Its success has led to numerous upcoming apps such as Vine, Snapchat, Flickr, etc. There is so much potential for a photo and video sharing app business if one finds a unique ground.

So, how do you come up with an app similar to Instagram? Let us look at its Tech stack, features, and estimated costs.

Background of Instagram and Its Evolution

As of now, Instagram is the top social photo and video-sharing app, with more than 95 million pictures posted every day. As of 2018, Instagram had one billion active users monthly.

When Instagram was starting it, it had one exclusive feature. It had filter options for uploaded pictures. Thus, the company was in a better position to get better investments and come up with a robust project for several mobile platforms.

Unknown to many, when Instagram was being launched, its photo-sharing option and editing tools were two separate apps in the market. The combination of these two features become its strongest selling point.

Currently, Instagram works for both iOS and Android as a free app. It also has a web-version where one can upload and share photos. However, it is not a mere photo app. It is a social media platform that offers extensive functionality for both marketing specialists and business owners.

Instagram for Photo-editing

Instagram boasts colorful filters and several photo adjustment elements. Its users can change the size of a picture, its contrast, brightness, warmth, and many other features.

Instagram for E-commerce

With everything going digital, there is a need for businesses to market their products online. Luckily, Instagram can help with this through its photo-sharing feature. The feature enables companies and brands to showcase and sell their products. Furthermore, any successful business transaction that happens on Instagram gives some commission to Instagram.

Instagram as a Messaging App

Direct Messaging, popularly known as DM, allows users to connect with others privately. Thus, people get to exchange ideas, give suggestions, and even feedback.

To remain top in the market, Instagram undergoes frequent updates. The recent features include:

  • Nametags
  • IGTV
  • Shoppable posts
  • Stories
  • Explore page
  • Quick replies

Developing the App

Developing an app requires extensive research, and demands a lot of preplanning and pre-preparation. You need to:

  1. Conduct thorough research to identify your target audience and know their tastes and preferences.
  2. Identify the competition.
  3. Find a unique ground to base your app concept.
  4. Create a defined app development strategy, inclusive of specifics, even timelines.
  5. Get a PR strategy and start promoting your app
  6. Come up with a communication channel with your target market, to get their feedback.
  7. After completion, launch your app.
  8. Stay abreast of your competitors.

How to Reap From the App

The first and most common way is by running advertisements and through sponsorships. Second, you can opt for in-app purchases, and third, you could offer exclusive deals to your active users.

Final Verdict

To develop an app similar to Instagram, ensure you find a unique ground, and include editing tools in your app. Also, make an app for a specific target group. Add functionality to your app, and considerably offer some photo-editing lessons for your users.