How to Freshen Up a Mattress

Freshen Up a Mattress

Just like you clean away the dirt from all the things in your home, it is also necessary to freshen up your firm mattress which is perhaps the most used thing in your home. After all, you spend the whole night enjoying the comfort of your mattress. So you should pay good attention to getting it cleaned often during the year. Without our notice, mattresses tend to develop dirt and sometimes mold in them. Sleeping on them can pass on dangerous diseases to our body. It also insults our sense of cleanliness. So let us learn how to freshen up a mattress in a very easy way at home.

  1. When the mattresses are not disturbed for quite some time, they may develop molds, allergens and of course dust. Covering up the mattress with a fresh cover will not make the problem go away. You have to be more careful than that.

  2. The first thing which contributes to the dust in the mattress is the unwashed cover over it. You have to make sure that the pillows, covers, sheets and blankets which you use on the bed are washed and dry cleaned regularly. This will prevent the mattress from getting dirty in the first place.

  3. Once you are assured that the top covers are thoroughly clean, you can proceed to freshen up the mattress. Sprinkle some baking soda on the top of the mattress and wait for about 5 minutes. This will remove any odors and also get rid of the moisture. Then it is time to use the vacuum cleaner. Remove all the baking soda from the mattress and do a thorough job of it. Consider every nook and corner of the mattress. Make sure that the edges receive special treatment.

  4. If the cloth of the mattress is dirty then you can take further steps. Mix some dishwasher detergent and water and spray it on the top of the mattress. Leave it to dry and then vacuum it. This will get rid of the odor and also clean the material of the mattress.

  5. Instead of cleaning and freshening up the mattress after it is dirtied, you can take some precautionary measures also to see that the mattress is always fresh as new. Always be careful if you are having something to eat and drink on the mattress lest you spilt some and make it dirty. Mattress protectors can protect your mattress from these accidental stains.

  6. The best and most simple way of taking care of the mattress is by exposing it to the sun from time to time. The bright sunlight can dry out the mattress and kill any molds and other fungal growth in the mattress. It may be a little troublesome to drag the heavy mattress to a place where you can expose it to the sun. But the effort is worth it.

It is better if you can freshen up the mattress every week or once in a month so that you have a nice and clean mattress to sleep on. Besides, the trouble that you take to keep it clean will ensure that the mattress lasts you for a very long time.