LogMeIn: A Reliable Remote Desktop Solution

Remote Desktop Solution

Have you ever faced the dilemma of not being able to access your home or work PC remotely? Imagine these scenarios. You are on a vacation in Honolulu but suddenly your boss needs that important report you were finishing from home. For some insane reason you were writing that report on your desktop instead of your work laptop and of course, your desktop is definitely not on vacation with you! Now only if you could log into your desktop remotely from any pc, wouldn’t that make you eligible for that desperately needed raise? Or imagine the time when you are working from home and suddenly your VPN connection gives you away. You will get the worth of  Purchase RDP definitely. Or better yet imagine a time when a friend or a family member urgently needs your help in fixing their computer being the tech guru that you are. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could just log into their pc remotely instead of instructing them to take countless number of steps? Especially for people who are technologically challenged, this can most definitely be a painstaking experience, both for you and the end user.

Luckily for us, we live in an era where technology solutions are readily available in abundance. The difficult part is to pick what solution works best for our needs and what is authentic and what isn’t. When it comes to a legit, easy-to-use, reliable and free remote desktop solution, LogMeIn Free exceeds all expectations. I for one can vouch for this software in my sleep. Sure enough, there are many remote connection software out there including the very popular Windows Remote Desktop Connection but do they come close to the accessibility and fast delivery of service you get with LogMeIn? Not even close. LogMeIn is almost twice as fast as Windows Remote Desktop Connection and you also have the option to set up the desktop or change desktop quality so it can be made to work faster. Also, there are no issues associated with connection making and dropped connections granted there is a stable broadcast connection at both ends.

Like with most Remote connection software, LogMeIn uses SSL over TCP or UDP to connect the remote computer to the host computer. The use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol that encrypts data transmitted across the internet ensures that your data is kept secure. Not to mention the fact that LogMeIn is compatible with most of the commonly used firewalls and broadband routers.

LogMeIn is also one of the easiest and most user friendly remote control software available on the internet. All you need to do in order to gain control of a remote computer is to install the LogMeIn program on it. The instructions are easy to follow. You will also need to setup a username and password and an access code. Now you can access this remote computer from any computer in the world by just logging into the LogMeIn website which provides you with dual layers of security. It first asks you to enter your username and password which is affiliated with that specific remote computer and then right before you gain control of that computer, you are also asked to provide the access code as well.

One neat feature of LogMeIn is the ability to send messages and chat with the users who might be sitting on the remote computer you want to access. This feature comes in handy when you are trying to control a friend or a family member’s computer or you simply share your computer with other family members.

Another cool feature is the capability to make the screen of the computer you are logging into black. Now if anyone is sitting on that computer that you are remote controlling, they will be unaware of what you are doing or at the least they won’t get bothered by your interference.

It’s important to mention here that there are different versions and levels of LogMeIn available with various price ranges and accesses. The only free version is called LogMeIn Free. The main drawback of LogMeIn Free is that it only provides users with remote control of the remote desktop. Features like Sound, data transfer, file syncing, drive mapping, Mini Meeting etc. are not available with the free version but are available with LogMeIn Pro. The free version however does allow remote printing. Various other versions like LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile, LogMeIn Hamachi, LogMeIn Ignition and LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone are available depending on your individual or organizational needs.

So to all you nerds and geeks out there, next time one of your technologically challenged friends or a beloved one calls you to fix their computer, just ask them to hang up and install LogMeIn. Make life easier for yourself and for others by giving them live support and not just phone support!