Managing the My Games List in the Xbox Console Companion App on Windows 10

With the launch of each new Windows version, Microsoft has been able to simplify and enhance its user experience. Moreover, it has been integrating its well-known services such as Office 365 and Xbox console in it as well.

The latest version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 10, has been nothing less. Not only its advanced UI has offered better access to the PC console, but its integrated application such as My Games have also allowed managing and get free xbox live codes Games online much easier.

The My Games List in Windows 10

The My Games menu section in the latest Windows version allows you to download, install, and manage all your games from a single location in your PC. You can play Xbox games online as well as offline by launching it from the My Games section.

For simplicity, the My Games section picks up all the games from Microsoft Online store and other installed on your PC and lists them under it. You can directly enter into any game by just clicking the shortcut item in the menu.

However, several times a game may not be listed under the My Games section due to some reason. Under the above condition, you can do one of the following steps to manage a game in My Games section.

Adding a Game to the My Games list

If a game has not been listed under the specified section, you can add it manually through the menu as well. Simply scroll down the My Games section and select ‘Add a game from your PC’ option from the menu.

Upon clicking the link, you will see a list of all the games and programs that are enlisted on the Start Menu shortcuts list. Simply select all the Games that you want to add and click on the Add option to list them under My Games section.

Removing a Game from the List

If you have mistakenly added an unwanted program to the list or the system has made the error itself, you always have the option to remove it. Just right-click on the game icon and click the ‘Remove from my games’ option from the popup list.

Other Ways to Add a Game

There is a chance that the game you have just installed doesn’t have a Start Menu shortcut. To add such a game to your list, you will have to follow one of the three following routes:

  • Reinstall the game and click on the ‘Add a Start Menu Shortcut’ when prompted.
  • Manually add the game shortcut in the Start Menu folder to enlist it there.
  • Create the game shortcut on your Desktop then add it to the Start Menu list.


Windows 10 works automatically to simplify the My Games section and make sure you can access all your games conveniently. However, you need to handle it manually in case of situations like these. By following the above fixes, you can enjoy your games in the My Games section.