Nobody is perfect / is it healthy to sleep in a recliner?

healthy to sleep in a recliner

We mostly have found ourselves falling asleep in a recliner while watching a movie or reading a book. Other people prefer spending their nights on a recliner rather than on the bed. Even mentioned by this piece of writing seeks to find out whether sleeping in a recliner is anything to go by as far as health is concerned.

Most people sleep on a recliner because they cannot easily transfer to bed. Sleeping on a recliner assists in breathing because the head is always kept upright. A normal person spends about a third of his time on earth sleeping. Sleeping horizontally on the bed ensures that a person does not cause any physical damage to his body.  Sue Noethen of concept Rehab center recommends sleeping on the bed. Sue Noethen states that when a person sleeps on recliner continuously, his hip and knee usually contracts. Contracture is a situation where the muscles over the joint are tightened making it difficult for someone to stand or sit in an upright posture. Contracture can further affect your center of balance thus making it easy for someone to fall.

Some people that have found it difficult to sleep on their beds thus choosing to sleep on the recliners. Doctors also recommend some patients to sleep on their recliners. Pregnant women may find it uncomfortable to sleep on bed especially when they are due thus sleeping on a recliner has made it easy for them to find sleep. Patients suffering from acid reflux also find comfort sleeping on a recliner.

Patients suffering from heart bypass are mostly unable to sleep horizontally after an operation thus sleeping on a recliner helps them to find some sleep. Moreover, people known to have sleep apnea sleep easily in a recliner than in the bed. Sleep apnea is defined as disruptions in breath which brings about oxygen deprivation. People who also have spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis are mostly advised to spend their night on a recliner because it helps in elevating the knee and the head.

There are various positions we take when sleeping on the bed. They include sleeping on our stomachs, our backs, and the sides.  Most people are thought to sleep on their sides.

Should people sleep on the bed or the recliner?

Sleeping on the bed or the recliner depends on your sleep preference, the recliner, and the positioning. Sleeping on a recliner or a bed helps the spine to change from a vertical position when standing or sitting to a horizontal position thus decreasing pressure on the spine. However sleeping on a recliner while in a locked position increases the pressure on the spine. Back sleepers may find it comfortable sleeping on recliner. While those who sleep using the stomach or the side may prefer sleeping on the bed. However back sleepers who have obstructive breathing disorders may prefer sleeping on the recliners since it becomes easier to elevate the head and open the airway.

Thus you need to check your best place to sleep with your healthcare professional. You also need to be aware of your health when choosing to sleep on the bed or the recliner.