Refurbished Phones: Things to Know and Buying Guide

Refurbished Phones

Refurbishing old phones is one of the rising trades nowadays on the Refurbished iPhone website and mobile phone business industry. New phone models from various brands are popping out every now and then and a lot of people are being hooked into buying the latest ones. However, not everyone has the budget to splurge on a highly steep-priced smartphone.

Thankfully, people can now get their hands on their desired phone model at a more affordable price through the refurbished phone retailers.

What is a refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones, as the term suggests, are basically pre-owned phones that were returned to the retailer or manufacturer which are then repaired or reconditioned. Generally, these handsets were sent back for various reasons including a hardware defect or simply because the owner decided he doesn’t want the unit anymore after the given cooling off period.

On the other hand, there is also what you call a “manufacturer refurbished phone”. Manufacturer refurbished phones have undergone repairs and a series of inspections to get it up to an almost brand new condition.

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying a Refurbished Phone

1. Look for the warranty.

When purchasing a refurbished phone, it is extremely important to check out the warranty policy. If you come across a unit that doesn’t have any issue, the retailer should provide a warranty with your purchase. On the other hand, if a refurbished phone doesn’t come with a warranty, there’s a chance that problems may arise with it which the retailer doesn’t want to take responsibility for.

2. If possible, purchase a refurbished phone from the original manufacturer.

Buying a refurbished phone from the original manufacturer is one of the easiest ways to get your desired phone at a much better deal. When customers return their purchased phone to the manufacturer for some reason, the manufacturer will then try to resell the unit as fast as possible. Hence why most manufacturers’ refurbished units are a fraction of the cost of the brand new ones.

Furthermore, manufacturer refurbished units are also repaired and conditioned to restore it’s brand-new like quality.

3. Check out the return policy.

A return policy is extremely important especially when you are buying a refurbished phone. Given that you are investing in a pre-owned unit, the quality is not guaranteed to be as foolproof as a brand-new one. Therefore, a return or exchange policy is something your chosen refurbished handset must come with.

Places to Purchase Refurbished Phones From

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is one of the top known places that sell refurbished phones. The company claims that all of the handsets they sell have gone through a rigorous quality inspection and are ensured to be fully-functional before being sold. The company also offers a 30-day return policy which makes it one of the top reliable refurbished phone retailers on the market.

2. Amazon Refurbished Phones

Amazon, the largest online retailer, is also a great place to shop for refurbished phones. Amazon purchases old phones from customers and offers gift cards as a form of payment. Afterward, they resell the units after conducting thorough testing and reconditioning.

3. Samsung

Samsung, being one of the top mobile phone manufacturers across the globe to date, also offers refurbished phones at great prices. Refurbishing old phones at Samsung is done meticulously by their technicians to ensure all units are in top-quality condition before being sold. Lastly, all units come with a new charger, headphones and a 1-year warranty which is a great added bonus.


Buying refurbished phones are definitely one of the smartest ways people can acquire their desired handset without breaking their banks. The key is to be careful enough in choosing the best unit from a reputable retailer.