SSD Gamers Should Have

A solid-state drive or an SSD is exactly what people need to enhance their gaming experience, and for some other good reasons too. People frequently buy SSDs to significantly reduce loading time for games, especially like CS:GO Skins. There are also the minor improvements of loading time as you get to your desktop much faster in the start-up. ‘Hitching’ can also be prevented when playing open world games, the kind that usually use a lot of memory. ‘Hitching’ refers to the consistent pausing of gameplay.

If these features sound nifty to you, it is recommended to buy an SSD, the bigger the better. Once you have the SSD, you may install your Windows OS and games in it for the fastest performance. You also want to keep an HDD– just as big for general storage.

When purchasing an SSD, you have a lot of choices. The Samsung 850 EVO is the bestseller of SSDs. Its TLC can win against any MLC from other manufacturers in terms of capacity and endurance.


Technical Specifications and upgrades

The density of the SSD has been upgraded, so the data it holds increases by square inch. This lowers production cost and holds better prices for you to purchase. When considering the bigger SSDs, they’ve upgraded from 2nd to 3rd generation of V-NAND. However, the difference may not be enough for users to notice the change in performance.

The Samsung 850 EVO 4TB has the following features:

  • Same rating with high performing products
  • Gives 540 mbps sequential read and 520 mbps sequential write speed
  • 98,000 random read and 90,000 random write IOPS
  • Specs queue depth of 1 random performance

Pricing, Warranty and Accessories

Samsung 850 EVO 4TB is sold for $1,499 and can be found with the said price in Amazon and Newegg. It holds the same 5-year warranty as the products its series have.

The Samsung 850 EVO 4TB gives its users access to the Magician SSD software. This series also includes Rapid mode, decreasing the small writes to the drive and furthering the drive’s capacity and endurance. Another accessory included in the EVO SSD series is its data migration software, which can be downloaded from the official site of Samsung.