The Best Plastic Cards for Purchasing Computer Hardware

Using the right gift card is crucial for allowing you to stack points or cash when purchasing equipment like computer hardware. Computers play a huge role in our personal and professional lives. So, it is best to take advantage of earning reward points from credit cards or shopping portals. It is also best to have CardLogic‘s physical cards that you can swipe anywhere and at any time.

This post is a guide to the best plastic rewards card for computer purchases. Using different cards in different settings is a must when buying equipment. If you are in the business setting, the use of business reward cards will mean that the cap for it will be much higher. If the computer is for personal use, take advantage of rewards card that has a lower cap.  Here are some of the best rewards cards that you can use to buy computer hardware.

  • Ink Business Cash Credit Card – it has 5% cash back on the purchases of $25,000 worth of office supplies, internet, cable, computer hardware, and phone services, every anniversary year
  • The Business Gold Rewards Card from the American Express OPEN – This gives three times the points on one or five categories of computer hardware, and e-purchases through cloud directly from chosen providers
  • Huntington Voice Business Card – This has a 4% money back in any of 10  Categories which can have a total of a maximum of $7,000 per quarter. This includes computer and electronics stores. It also has a two hundred fifty thousand dollars cap. However, it does not allow merchants who will sell higher priced or large office equipment such as complete computer set-ups
  • Bank of America Business Advantage Rewards Mastercard credit card- gives 3% cash back when you purchase computer hardware from office supply stores
  • Ink Cash – You will earn over five times the points on every dollar and every swipe when you buy computer equipment from the office supply stores. However, the points are capped at twenty-five thousand dollars per year. You will also need to pair the gift card with the Ink Business Card Preferred Credit Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve, or the Chase Sapphire Preferred.
  • Business Gold Rewards – This rewards card allows you to choose any computer hardware directly from U.S providers. It will then give you three times the number of rewards points. It is also capped at one hundred thousand dollars per year. You can purchase from Apple, Lenovo, or IBM. This rewards card is also best for businesses since it has a higher rewards cap.
  • SimplyCash Plus- You can earn 5% cash back on any computer purchases from office supply stores. Plus you get another 3% more when you purchase the hardware from U.S providers like IBM, Apple, or Lenovo.

Spark Cash – It has a 2% money back when you spend one hundred thousand dollars of computer equipment for the whole year.  Although this means that you will have to spend a lot for the whole year to get the money back.

Another way for you to maximize the rewards is to make use of Shopping Portals that have their own Plastic rewards cards. By doing so, you will earn extra points or even more cash back.

You will definitely earn more rewards points when you make use of rewards cards. Plastic rewards cards have more benefits than purchasing computer hardware in cash. Plus, by doing so, you will have extended warranties and strengthened purchase protections.