Tips to Advance and Win on AFK Arena using PC

AFK Arena using PC

Playing online games is a fun, exciting, and entertaining hobby and stress reliever for many. There is a vast choice for online games where one can opt according to his/her preference. According to, online games enable creative, critical, and logical thinking for the gamers for them to reach a certain level, to defeat an enemy, or to win and finish the game. AFK Arena is just like any other game that gamers would like to excel in.

The acronym AFK means away from the keyboard. With that condition, there is a little chance to win the game since it is the artificial intelligence that will continue the game. Being an AFK player also brings loss to team fights, especially in a multi battle online arena.

AFK Arena is somehow parallel to the said idea of being away from the keyboard, for it does not require too much attention from the gamers. It’s a good thing when there is a sudden task or movement that you have to do while playing online. It can play itself, so the gamer will need to monitor progress and make some adjustments as the game levels start to grow difficult.

Here are some tips for coping with the different stages of AFK Arena:

  • Automating progression

The game can play by itself, but it still requires some clicks from the user to progress on each level. BlueStacks users were able to make the progression automated. With the help of the combo key, they were able to record the steps and several clicks to go to the next level. The record obtained will be utilized to have an automated progression through each stage of the game.

  • Save the best hero skills

The mode of the game is in auto-battle, and the artificial intelligence responsible for the movement of the heroes might not use its skills at its very best. The AI might miss the timing and activate spells improperly. If the situation seems tough, you may stop the auto-battle for a while and take action.

  • Have the right position

Sometimes, no matter how powerful the heroes are, it ends up losing the game. With that, you may check their position on the battlefield. See to it that you have the right defense and strategic attacks on the enemies. Heroes with the right skills in the right position will be a great help in winning.

  • Upgrade heroes and their gears

As you go through each stage of the game, you get to familiarize yourself with the skills of your hero. At the same time, as levels increases, you were able to unlock new heroes that will accompany you throughout the game. Instead of replacing your old heroes, it is better to upgrade them. You may also upgrade their items and battle gear to improve their stats.

Finial Thoughts

Even if AI is utilized in this game does not connote that it is a straightforward game. A gamer must have an excellent strategy to win over the AFK Arena.