Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

App Development

In the past years, mobile applications and UI UX for mobile apps are constantly transforming people’s lifestyle and work ethics. The continuous innovation of mobile smartphones gives more opportunities to mobile app developers. With the arrival of new and different mobile smartphones, developers are urged to create new trends to keep up with mobile app users.

Since apps have been very useful to both individual phone users and companies, they are considered to be a great opportunity for app development companies. With the emerging rise of different kinds of systems, App Development will boost a lot of business this year.

Growth of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The growth of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning made more companies focus on having systems with intelligence based on humans. These systems are used in other domains, helping in reducing cost and in growing the company’s profit.

Aside from individuals, companies have already appreciated the convenience of AI and ML. Most likely, this year the use of personal assistance and chatbots app will seemingly increase.

Internet of Things

Leading big companies such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Google and many more owns an enormous amount of share in the Internet App development market. The latest Internet of things Development trends are Google home, Nest Smart Home, and Kisi Smart Lock.

Through the syncing system, you can easily control your Ac and TV using your phone even when you’re not at home. The Internet of things is considered to be one of the technologies that would contribute to shifting the industry in terms of application development.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Consumers find mobile apps using Augmented and Virtual Reality very interesting. As a result, mobile app development companies and other big companies are ready to invest a huge amount on AR and VR which provides beyond the screen experience to customers. AR & VR will be used mostly in Marketing, manufacturing, and healthcare sector.


It is expected that chatbots will greatly take over a lot of communication methods in the mobile application Industry. Implementation of real-time interactions will ease out the hassle and would help both customers and service providers time and effort.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages are earning more attention than ever. Developers are continually improving AMP services. This system helps in analyzing the general performance including the mobile pages’ loading speed.

Application Performance Management

With the use of Application Performance Management, you will minimize bugs and other app issues. This will also help companies improve quality which provides better services to their clients.


Beacons together with the Internet of things work in improving services in the Retail Industry. Stores can use this system in informing clients regarding sales and possible promotions. They also use this as an innovative and efficient way of communicating with their clients.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are apps that cater to the extensive experience for mobile app users. PWA is quite different from the others since you don’t have to install them from app stores and they will function without the internet once installed. When installing PWA you will not need large storage in your mobile devices and any low-spec phone will do.

Mobile Wallets

Most customers prefer a convenient and easy way of doing things. Mobile wallets provide the east to use the secured payment method. For the incoming year, the mobile wallet will most likely increase users with contactless mobile payments and high-security measures.


With the development of blockchain, there are more rousing opportunities for the IT industry. Blockchain has been used as smart contracts and creating cryptocurrencies. At present, it is also used in some applications and is popular.

Keeping up with the consumer’s demand by using the newest and most efficient technology and apps will help you survive in a very competitive environment.