Top 9 Hardware Blogs and Websites to Visit this 2020

Hardware Blogs and Websites

Studies have shown that about 77% of web users also read blogs based upon private instagram photo viewer and other interesting topics. Websites containing blogs can significantly engage users and viewers and provide relevant traffic for your business. If you have social media accounts such as Instagram, you can link them to your website for higher chances of getting visitors.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Computer Hardware Websites and Blogs you can follow:


It is the top blog and website that could provide informative content regarding reviews of smartphones, notebooks, computer components, Macs, pre-built desktops, and other related technologies.

You can enjoy their content daily as they provide three posts per day and to keep you updated on the latest trends.

PC Perspective

This multimedia platform provides the latest reviews, commentary, and news about the world of technology and its ability to shape the world. PC Perspective revolves around the computer world, including gaming technology. It offers visitors six posts per day to keep them on the loop.

Computer Hardware Blog

The perfect platform for hardware enthusiasts, Computer Hardware covers relevant and latest information about PC hardware. You can get exciting details about the MacBook, Apple products, and a lot more when visiting their page.

You can catch up on the latest trends as they provide viewers with three posts every month.

Hot Hardware

It is a platform that provides enthusiastic and informative content about the latest gadgets such as, computer components, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The perfect place for all gadget enthusiasts, IT experts, and gamers, as they publish new content every month.

Top Flight Computers Blog

A technology website that takes pride in designing custom-built PCs, Top Flight Computers specializes in providing information about customized gaming computers, workstations, water cooling, and other related devices. They also include content on hardware, troubleshooting, and gaming.

Velocity Micro Blog

Do you want to get the latest dibs about custom-made computers for your gaming experience? This platform provides the details that you need in achieving high-performance gaming PCs. If you’re a gaming designer or an enthusiast, watch out for their weekly post on their platform.

Tom’s Hardware

This site covers fresh information on the best hardware you need in building your custom PC for work, leisure, or gaming. Tom’s Hardware is a trusted source of the latest and hottest details about software, hardware, components, and gadgets that you need as they create 30 content posts every year.


If you have a lot of IT-related questions and eager to seek for answers, Poftut can provide you with them. They have a diverse range of topics including those related to Windows, security, Linux, Programming, and a lot more. You can also share your own questions through their comment section.


If you want a more personal approach on information about technology, Videoguys features reviews, tech tips and tricks, and user stories about different products on the tech market. It helps visitors acquire the simplest details about technology.

Technology has the ability to be outdated because of its fast-paced changes. It becomes difficult for some enthusiasts to catch up. So, with these websites and blogs, students, professionals, experts, and businessmen can keep themselves updated on the latest trends and changes in technology.