Which are the Best Cloud Storage Services for Photos?

Cloud Storage Services for Photos

In this digital era, photos are taken and stored in various media forms as opposed to the traditional ways of printing them. It is essential to store your photos with more than one service. This will ensure your photos will not be lost if one of the forms experiences a problem such as crashing or attack by malware. You can read more about that by Navigate here. Cloud storage is one of the most commonly used avenues of storing files. The files are stored in a remote location and can only be accessed through internet-enabled devices.

Some cloud services have free photo storage and come with your devices; however, more functions can be bought. It is vital to have some basic knowledge that will enable you to select the best services. There are many cloud services available, and your selection will depend on your budget, the number, and kind of items you want to store.

Available services

Google photos – it is one of the most common photo storage services offering free unlimited storage. In addition, it allows photo printing and uploading. The Google photo services have a drawback in that it downsizes photos in the archives of unlimited storage.

Microsoft OneDrive – offers free services allowing automatic uploading. The free storage is limited to 5GB and does not allow photo editing. It is also limited to Microsoft users.

Amazon photos – it has unlimited storage and allows automatic uploading of photos as well as printing. However, these benefits come with a price tag. Amazon charges $119 per year to use these services.

Apple iCloud – offers free services; however, their storage is limited to 5GB. It is also limited to Apple products. If you are using a different gadget, you might not be able to use these services. Nevertheless, it is relatively a good way of storing photos for Apple users.

Canon Irista – these services allows 15GB free photo storage. It has automatic photo uploading with printing services. For only $2 per month, you can get 100GB, and with $8 monthly subscription you get 500GB. If you want bulk storage, you can pay $13 for one month and get 1TB. It allows for printing, automatic uploads, and AI-powered search.

Dropbox – it is one of the earliest cloud services. It allows for only 2GB and does not allow editing, while automatic photo uploading requires a paid fee. Referring a friend to Dropbox earns you 500 megabytes.

Box – it requires a subscription but gives a 10GB free storage to subscribers. With only $10 a month, you can get 100GB storage. The fee unlocks the uploading services. One disadvantage of Box is that it does not allow photo editing.

Sony PlayMemories Online – offers free unlimited photo storage. Automatic uploading is only possible through a mobile app and does not allow photo editing. The services have no paid subscription but have a disadvantage in that they downsize the photos to 3 megapixels.

Nikon Image Space – it is free but has limited storage. No automatic uploading and editing of photos. It offers 2GB storage to general users but has better services for Nikon camera users who are given up to 20GB free storage.