Work from Home Like a Pro with this Home-Office Setup

Work from Home

Working from home is now the “new normal” in the office industry. As mentioned by home business gear, it was already prevalent in some industries before the pandemic, the need to increase social distance introduced companies to employment from home setups. But how can your work-from-home (WFH) experience beat office equipment and accessories? This home-office setup will guide you on everything you need to get productive at home like you’re in a typical office space.

You need a reliable computer and stable internet connectivity

Working from home centers heavily on the use of an internet-connected personal computer. If you have just transitioned recently to home office setup, chances are you think a computer is enough to fulfill daily tasks. That is not the case with WFH setups. But what PC and internet connection works best for the home office?

It depends on the complexity of your work. A laptop with an excellent processor works best for multi-tasking but requires more mobility. A desktop PC is for the most powerful tasks like video editing, graphics design, and programming. But why not have both? Most WFH professionals don a laptop and a desktop PC so they can work on multiple tasks simultaneously without sacrificing processors and limited screens. An internet with download speeds of at least 15 Mbps (5 Mbps for upload speed) can do the job in downloading files and maintaining communications. Nonetheless, it is up to your budget but never settle for less when building your home office space.

Have an excellent office desk

Working from your kitchen table or bed isn’t an excellent home office experience. Having a dedicated office desk keeps you focused and versatile in doing daily office tasks. A table alone isn’t an office desk. You can start investing in an office table with storage compartments for all equipment and materials needed for better productivity.

Get a relaxing office chair

While you work your hardest, you wouldn’t want to suffer your ergonomics. A relaxing office chair eases working from home back and neck pains. Choose an ergonomic chair, like a gaming chair, that offers comfort whatever sitting positions you take. WFH is all about comfortable work, so a comfortable and ergonomic office chair is an excellent investment for your home office setup.

An Upgraded Monitor Experience

Two is always better than one. Whether you have a laptop or PC, you can invest in a secondary screen. It allows you to run two or more applications at the same time without jumping from window to window. You can have a spreadsheet run on one screen and a web browser on the other.

HD webcam and noise-canceling headphone with mic is your WFH best friend

Work-from-home is founded on communication amidst distance. Given that you constantly need to communicate with your leadership daily, the internet provides a channel where you can continue to collaborate with everyone in the office. But, with a scratchy video of yourself and some screeching background noise, you (and your colleagues) will get distracted. A high-definition webcam and the noise-canceling headset does the job in keeping a streamline communication experience and better collaboration with everyone on the team.

Get additional office devices and accessories

An extra keyboard, a more versatile mouse, a printer, an extended USB hub, and other office devices and accessories can upgrade your work-from-home experience. Although it is not necessary to have them all at one go, it will soon provide extra help when dealing with more tedious work. Plus, better office components provide extra comfort on your part in doing your job, thus expanding your productivity even when working from home.