A Glimpse into the World of Sneaker-Buying Bots

Sneaker Buying Bots

Nowadays, buying sneakers online has become more complicated with the development of sneaker-buying bots. This automated software is being used by sneakerheads in order to gain an advantage when buying the shoes as they are being released online. These bots are also making this limited special footwear impossible to buy online to an ordinary consumer.

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How Did These Bots Develop?

Before the emergence of these bots, releasing limited special shoes was always done in physical stores. However, the hype would result in long lines during the physical launch that has often led to total chaos. Incidents such as stampede, people being punched and stabbed, and other kinds of madness have always happened during the launching.

These have made the companies find a way to launch their sneakers online by using e-commerce platforms. This would mean no long lines, no stampedes, and no total chaos. However, the supplies of these shoes are still limited and customers still need to find themselves a better position online to make a purchase. This has led software developers to make bots that automate the buying process of the person to gain an advantage when purchasing online.

These bots will automate the customer’s checkout process and save the sizes, color choices, and the user’s credit card information. In this way, the bot user can have a distinct speed advantage during the buying process when the limited sneaker is released, thus giving him a better chance of buying the shoes.

Why Develop Sneaker-Buying Bots?

These so-called software developers did not develop this sneaker-buying bots for anything. With sneakerheads willing to pay for bots, more and more developers are making this automated software for profit.  Bot makers can earn money in two ways:

A bot maker can sell their bots to any frustrated sneakerheads and even resellers who are willing to pay at any given price.

They can resell the purchased shoes to the secondary markets such as “Stock X” and “Grailed” at a higher price to gain profit.

In effect, these bots are making it impossible for regular consumers to buy these limited sneakers during launching.

Bot Maker Versus the Shoe Maker

In order to solve this problem, companies have been looking to find ways to offset the advantages of using bots. Adidas, for example, have developed their own app that let the customers reserve the shoes so that they can buy it in a physical store. The brand Supreme has built an e-commerce framework that combats the uses of bots to their website as well. Other brands such as Nike has come up with its own process to combat these bots too.

However, these steps taken by the companies will always have a loophole. Bot makers and developers are working hard daily to update their software in order to stay compatible with the retailer’s website. The battle between bot makers and the brands has continued until today.


For normal consumers, buying these so-called limited special sneakers is nearly close to impossible because of the development of bots. For passionate sneakerheads, they can do anything to get their desired shoes including buying this automated software. It is up to the retailers to combat these bots and level the playing field in this complicated world of online purchase.