A Guide to Social Media for Gamers

Social Media for Gamers

In recent years, people have turned to game content online. Social media for gamers is essential when you want to Obtenir plus de followers to your base of social media, Twitch or when looking for an audience.

The following is a social media must-do list for you to tap into a larger audience or tap to increase your Twitch followership as well as your number of social media followers.

Locking down your brand

Most gamers want to be experienced gamers, apart from building their brands.  Although there are a lot of opportunities associated with growing once brand, the competition is unimaginable. However, social media is one of the best places where you can set your self-part from the crowd.

Pick your social channels

You need to decide on the best social media channel where you can establish your presence. Apart from Twitch, you also need to think of YouTube or Twitter. Twitter is one of the best places because followers can know what you are up to. Besides, twitter does not need to be connected with Instagram of Facebook. Twitch is also one of the best platforms since you can repurpose your streaming content for YouTube

Get your creatives in order

You need to use some specific techniques and creatives that can present you as a unique brand.  Various unique elements which you can include are

Use a unique brand logo on your social profiles

Your social media buttons should redirect users to your other social channels

You also need to have a Twitch cover photo

You also need to brainstorm creatives and ideas such that your profile picture should be more than a selfie

Find your niche

In this case, you need to spend time both on Twitch and YouTube to realize how the gaming community is diverse. In this case, there are many decisions you need to make, like whether you need to keep your channel family friendly or you want to get out there. However, what you need to understand here is that a unique niche assists in establishing your self-easier easier.  As a beginner, you should start by focusing on a specific gaming community such as the PC gaming community.

You need to be aware of the content in which a gamer should always create

A brand needs to keep publishing fresh content on social media. For you to keep your followers and still attract new ones there following are some content which you should always create.

Update and stream announcement

In this case, you can twitter to let people know of your fresh content, or you can choose to use sprout which has twitch extension to connect with your twitter followers or Twitch fans

Send some shout-outs to a community

Gaming is a community in its self. Always promote other streamers using fresh content from your favorite creators. Tagging someone can mean again on your side.

Give your followers some behind the scene content

You need to be giving your social media followers a glimpse of your personal life.  This helps in creating an emotional connection.


In this case, you need to share someone else’s meme or create some by yourself; most of them should revolve around love.


Social media has become so integrated into our daily lives, even when it comes to gaming content. The aforementioned steps are just some of the things you can do to easily grow your followers and audience.