Computer parts/hardware and peripherals evolve faster than what you can imagine. The Computer hardware that is available on the market today may rock your Gaming world, but sadly the pleasure won’t last long as the year pass by. With the help of our friends at Insider, we have listed below some of the computer hardware that was a hit five or ten years ago and will no longer be in the market for 2016. You might be finding some of them in an online store that sells old computer parts or in a third world country where they still use these types of hardware, especially in a computer rental shop.

1. Intel Core 2 Microprocessor

Intel Core 2 Microprocessor was introduced from the year 2006 and continued its production until the year 2007; it was literally a big hit in the market. It comprises of different microarchitectures such as single core, dual core, and the quad core. The Intel Core 2 Microprocessor is the based processor of the now widely used rock star of today’s CPU’s, the Intel Core i-Series. The last Core 2 processor was released last January 2010.


2. Optical Mouse (Wired)

Since the rise of Cordless/Wireless mouse, wired mouse hardware declines fast through these past years. Typically optical mouse output is the same on both wired and cordless; they only differ from the way they transmit data and their convenience factor. Most people are now buying a cordless mouse because they are much easier to handle and at the same time look fashionable.ibm-mouse-ps2-two-button-24p0383-1.20

3. CD/DVD Drive

Five or ten years ago, CD/DVD Drive was one of the most useful hardware for all computer users. They are widely used for both reading and storing data on CDs or dvds. However, due to its limited functionality and limited space of the medium used, they are now being killed by USBs.Blu


Computer memory is also the fastest hardware ever to evolve in the computer world. DDR SDRAM or DDR1 can now only be used in Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon processors. Today’s CPU’s can only use higher version of DDR1 such as DDR3 and DDR4.


5. LCD Monitors

LCD computer monitors have overthrown the VGA monitors more than 10 years ago, but now they are being overthrown by LED Monitors which provide better resolution and gaming experience.