Exercise Equipment With More Technology Providing Better Workouts

Technology Providing Better Workouts

Not only does computerized fitness equipment by Fitness Tech give you more information on your performance but it also provides for better workouts as well.

Design Of The Machine

●             The Paramount Cycle:

Computers from Schwinn continuously shows the speed and time of day. All you need to do if you want to take a look at the trip distance, speed, odometer, or use the stopwatch is press a button. The battery-powered Cycle Computers can be set for speed display in km/h or mph as well as for wheel circumference.

How is this data transmitted? Well, the bike’s fork blade has sensors attached to it that sense the magnet movement on the spokes. A wire that runs up the brake cable and fork blade is what connects the computer to the sensor, in turn, being the key facilitator of the transfer of data.

However, not all sporting or cycling equipment has been computerized just yet. Advances in both material and design are still vital to all recreational equipment. For instance, bicycle racers the likes of Colorado and Lake Sport’s CX cycling shoes have Du Pont Zytel mold soles, which help concentrate the wearer’s energy rather than dissipate it

The feet of cyclists were measured in the hundreds, with their foot configurations being analyzed so as to help reveal composite unisex foot patterns. The arch has soles that are extra thick just behind the foot where the ball is. This area is basically the foot’s powerpoint. Being thick there will provide the cyclist’s cleats with stiffness as well as a mounting area. So, instead of the energy being transferred to the shoe, it’s taken to the pedal.

●             The Exercise Itself

Computers are everywhere in today’s fitness equipment. They’re definitely trying to make sure their presence is felt. For the highest quality computer workout routine, there’s the Ariel Computerized Exercise System by Wilson. This system is made up of a computer monitor, console and software, an optional printer and an exercise station to go with it all. It automatically modifies, monitors, and controls resistance when one is exercising.

Oh, and you have the option of 2 types of fitness stations available to you. Each one has an adjustable seat or bench and a movable exercise bar.

Resistance is provided via a computerized hydraulic mechanism. The force application on the movable bar is measured using transducers. They also measure its displacement as well. Meanwhile, the system controls a valve to help it constantly adjust itself to these changes.


The cheapest Super Trainer Software has basic fitness programming capabilities and uses preprogrammed diskettes. It allows for all the standard types of exercise, the comparing of results after every set and it provides average performance curves. Furthermore, it can also print for you fitness results and these print stats include things like hold time, power, force, and peak velocity. A lot is changing the more technology advances. We’re seeing it in every sector and in almost every part of the world. The fitness equipment industry is no exception.