Guide in Adding Special Characters Using Alt Key Codes or the Word Symbols Library

Word Symbols Library

Similar to other word processor programs, Microsoft Word operates with American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) and this does not work in other languages and you have to go tieng viet online. A numeric character code for every alphabetical, numerical and special character on the typical QWERTY keyboard. Without ASCIII, we can only use open text files to the selected software program and the passwords for some programs will not be case-sensitive.

There are two methods on how you can insert these non-keyboard characters; by using the Word Symbols Library or through Alt Key Codes. Refer below to properly execute it.

Alt Key Codes

Special codes can make your password complicated to others to be more secured. Every symbol or letter has a corresponding code. Simply press the Alt key as well as the numeric code using the numeric pad to insert a character or symbol. Note that the number case on top of your keyboard doesn’t work for this. For instance, when you need to type in $ or the dollar symbol.

Press the Alt key and don’t let go.

While you’re holding down the Alt key, press 36 on your numeric pad.

Then release the Alt key as soon as you are done pressing the numeric code and the “$” will now appear.

There are different kinds of Alt symbols you can make, from icon symbols to currencies, mathematical symbols and many more. As long as you memorize the corresponding codes for the characters or symbols, this method will be very helpful in your documents. If not, get a copy of the ASCII table or the online special characters so you have reference since there are so many Alt codes and guessing the right one may take you an eternity.

Word Symbols Library

The Symbols Library is the most used and the simplest way of adding special characters into a text. Here’s how:

Click the “Insert” button.  You can find it at the top left-side ribbon.

Then, hit the “Symbols” tab. Various symbols will now appear in the dialogue box. Usually, there are 20 variety of symbols that will be given.

To widen your choices, click the “More Symbol” option. It is located just directly below the symbols.

Select your desired symbol to use from within the box. For your comfort, remember that the symbols are typically organized so you can easily locate a symbol according to its overall features.

A feature has been added to Microsoft Word and that is it can now recall the previous 20 symbols that you’ve used. These are then will appear on the “recently used symbol” column as they are provided on the reason that when you used them again, it will be easier for you to look for them.


There’s no stopping you now in completing your documentary works as inserting special characters is an easy thing to do when you follow the given steps above. Choose what you think you’re more comfortable and easier for you to use either by Alt key codes or Word symbol library.