If you’re new in building a PC exclusively for gaming and you don’t mind the budget, then we suggest to go and buy the monstrous gaming PC available in the market. However, if you’re tight on budget, then in this article we’ll show you how to build a gaming PC while maximizing your budget.

1. Processor

pc-cuild-for-gamers_01We highly recommend Intel Core i7-6700K that would only cost $380 on amazon. Intel Core i7-6700K offers a based clock of 4.0GHz and capable of pushing it to 4.5GHz through overclocking.

2. Motherboard

When it comes to Motherboard, for a tight budget, we suggest Asus Maximus VIII Hero that comes with a price of only $230 if you buy it in an online store. The Asus Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard offers an acceptable balance of features and performance at a reasonable price.

3. Memory

6cf8a41450d5c28ea2914ef2ee0d3185.256pRAM is very important when building a Gaming PC. We highly recommend the G.Skill Ripjaws V Series DDR4 2666 (16GB) that only costs $90. Why would we advise a 16GB RAM? That’s because it surely won’t slow down your gaming experience while also having other applications running in the background.

4. Graphics Card

five_pictures6_3470_201509231418445602444492ee3When building a gaming PC, it is always the Graphics card that gives life to your gaming experience. We recommend MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G that cost only $660. This monster graphic card is the most dominant single-GPU card in the computer world and capable of challenging the AMD Fury X. It also comes with an extra 2GB of memory on its side.

5. Storage

We recommend having two disk storages on your computer when you want to have an excellent gaming experience, one for your primary storage and another secondary storage for your data files. For your primary storage, we recommend Samsung 950 Pro SSD (250GB) for only $180. It has the ability to write over 900 MB/s and read over 2000 MB/s on the disk. This will be perfect for a system disk. The secondary storage we recommend will be the Samsung 850 EVO (500GB) that costs $150. This will be only used for storing your game files and other files on your computer. The use of secondary storage is that it helps the computer to maximize the performance of the system disk.

950-b 7153_03_samsung-850-evo-500gb-sata-iii-2-ssd-review