Router Tips You Should Know as a Gamer

Router Tips You Should Know as a Gamer

Considering today’s advances in technology, it’s not a surprise anymore to find a router in any place. Aside from serving as the home internet, you can also find some at offices and public places. With a wireless router, you can stay connected with people no matter how far they are.

If you are a gamer, You must need to know the basic router setup like default gateway, different ports functions and reboot settings. There is a need to further develop the router and router set up especially now that the demand for internet connection is more than just for searching and retrieving information or moving files with small capacity. Gamers, most especially, call for better router performance to enhance their gaming experience.

Why Gaming Routers Are So Overrated

The worst punishment any gamer wouldn’t want to suffer is to have fast internet connection accompanied by the worst kind of router. If the router can’t keep up, even the lightning speed of the internet is useless. A bad kind of router will only likely to ruin your anticipated online gaming experience.

To fix this, some gamers are looking to purchase gaming routers. Gaming routers are specifically designed for the purpose of optimizing network settings intended for online gaming. Marketers mass-produce gaming routers and advertise them to the public in the hopes of attracting the attention of gamers and persuade them to think that it is not the same as normal routers would be.

Gaming routers used to be superior in the recent years. Now, it isn’t so much so. Due to the continuous development of routers, even a basic modern router now can support features that are crucial for a smooth gaming spree. However, it doesn’t mean that you can just pick any cheap router out there. Make sure to always check the specifications of a router before you make a purchase.

Key Features to Look For

If you are a gamer and currently looking for the best router you want for your gaming session, then look out for the following features:

Quality of Service (QOS)

QOS is one feature of a router that focuses on specific data packets for connected devices. It is useful when there are numerous users on the same network that engage in intensive network activities.

Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MU-MIMO)

MU-MIMO is one of the important features you need to look for. It serves a crucial purpose when the network you have supports numerous devices at the same time. You have to anticipate that someone living with you will be using the internet connection too while you are still on your gaming session. Without this feature, your router will only be intended for single use.


Just like when choosing your phones or computers, CPU and RAM makes the first consideration when making a purchase for a router. Why is that? Indeed, a router doesn’t run apps like Photoshop, but it carries tons of network data each second.

Sure, routers are very important in today’s era, especially that communication and such can now be carried online. For online gamers, routers are one of the keys to attain the best gaming experience. Purchase yours now and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions.