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In my previous post on everyday best hybrid mattress beds I mentioned the Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort. I’m not specifically advertising for Select Comfort or their product and only mentioned it because their commercial campaign has been so prolific that it is one of the more readily recognized air beds out there (even though many folks don’t realize it’s an air bed from the commercials).

Having disassociated myself as a paid advertiser for the product, I do want to give it more of a mention here simply because of my own experiences and the experiences of others I’ve interviewed. Please remember that I’ll only offer testimonials if I have personal experience to draw on or the experiences of trusted individuals who have their own personal experiences.  In the case of the Sleep Number bed, I can offer both.

First a bit about the Sleep Number bed by Select comfort. This mattress is an air filled bed with independent comfort chambers. It is offered in several models numbered 3000-9000 (as of this writing) and the company offers a variety of additional products including mattress pads and a build-your-own pillow option. What distinguishes the Sleep Number bed from offerings by many other companies, however, is the independently adjustable firmness. This means that a couple can independently adjust the firmness on their side of the bed without affecting the other side.

My personal experience with a Sleep Number bed was at a bed and breakfast near the Appalachian mountain range.  My wife (then girlfriend) and I enjoyed a romantic getaway which included such exciting events as hillbilly hospitality, entirely too much antiquing, the company of a drooling, flatulent bull dog and the best night of sleep I can remember having.

One could argue it was the mountain air, the escape from my daily grind or the miles of walking from one store full of old stuff to another, but none of that explains waking up without any of the stiffness and soreness I’m accustomed to at home. When I marveled at the quality of sleep I’d experienced, the proprietor smiled knowingly and explained I could thank Sleep Number for the experience. Over a plate of the best eggs and bacon I’d enjoyed in years, I pointed out she might want to let folks know in advance and direct them to the controllers which we’d spent the night completely oblivious of.

In addition to my own experience, a close friend and a colleague I work with both own Sleep Number beds and swear by them. After more than a year of ownership, they are each independently passionate about their beds. Says one, “If my bed could cook, take care of the kids and it weren’t illegal to marry inanimate objects, I’d divorce my wife tomorrow and get hitched to my Sleep Number.” The other, who has owned his Select Comfort bed for just over a year proclaimed, “It’s better than any other bed I’ve ever slept in or tested. Doesn’t feel at all like an air mattress or anything. Feels like a real bed with a super cozy pillow-top cover only better.”

Each of these owners professes better sleep, less aches and pains, better dreams, greater refreshment in the mornings and an overall improvement in their quality of life for no other reason than the purchase of a bed. That’s one heck of an endorsement.

Are other everyday air mattress models as good? I couldn’t say without having one for comparison but the Sleep Number bed isn’t the only air mattress bed with independent “coils” and a well researched and constructed framing system. Select Comfort has to share the limelight with other air mattress models when it comes to the potential for improving sleep quality and comfort because reasonable construction, a good mattress pad and the pressure point avoiding nature of air are what make these mattresses so good for you. They do get individual credit for their sleep number adjustment feature, though. It’s a system they are duly credited with perfecting.