The online teacher necessities: Computer specs and others

online teacher necessities

There are a lot of companies searching for people who can teach students online. Like mentioned here, Some of the most wanted would be ESL teachers or English teachers for foreigners. Online teaching has been one of the jobs that are rising due to the pandemic.

A lot of people who lost their job would resort to online jobs such as online tutoring. Also, others would not require a diploma or teaching experience to apply so as long as the person has fluency in the language.

However, companies looking for a full-time employee require certain specs for their teaching platform to function properly. An online tutor would not want a device that lags from downloading a lot of applications and modules. Or a laptop that takes a lot of time to set up despite a fast, stable internet connection. So here we have several specs you would need for online tutoring.

Not all computers possess the same qualities, and choosing a known brand will not do much. A fancy-looking laptop will not ease your trouble during class. Some are not suitable for downloading large files, and others are made for gaming. Knowing the specifications of what you are buying will help you determine if it can work well for online tutoring.

  1. Processor

The processor is the one responsible for executing instructions, calculations, and operations. It handles input from all other applications in the computer and transmits it or creates the needed output. Companies would often require applicants to have a laptop with at least an intel i5 processor.

Another type of processor would be the graphics processing unit(GPU) or the video card. It is responsible for processing images used in your monitor. It is used to provide quality and a better resolution during online classes. Some companies would require this.

  1. Ram

Online tutoring is not only about conversing with the student. You would need to have books, modules, and worksheets to download. There are some instances you would have to open several tabs to search for something. A basic laptop would slow down and disrupt your work.

Having a bigger ram would allow you to download large-sized files or multitask without the device slowing down. A lot of gaming laptops possess a large ram capable of running games with no trouble. Ram storage that is best for multitasking would be at around 6- 8gb.

  1. Hard drive

The hard disk drive (HDD) is the primary storage device of the computer. It allows you to store data and download files.

SSD is a more reliable kind since it does not contain movable parts and it is lighter compared to its bulky counterpart. It has a higher storage capacity than HDD but also expensive.

  1. External devices (USB hubs, web camera)

Web camera and USB ports are built-in the computer but having a backup plan just in case is safer than nothing. External web cameras are rarely required unless it would allow you to shoot HD (1080-720 HD) or you need to move the camera around.

Some laptops would have more than 3 USB ports. In online teaching, you would need to use almost all of them to plug in your Wifi router, flash drive, keyboard, mouse, or even your headset. USB hubs are an external USB port that serves as an extension in case your computer does not have enough USB ports.

Other external devices like headsets. You can look for noise-canceling headphones to avoid distractions during classes.

Several laptop companies have created models suitable for online learning. Now that you are aware of the specs, you can look for a computer without having to inquire about what the product is capable of doing.