The Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Best TV

The Best TV

There are many options for TVs available nowadays and Onn TV review is one of them. Purchasing one is a long-term investment for most of us. It is important to recognize which TV is the optimal choice by understanding the majority of the technical concepts. Here are the things you need to look out for:

  • Price Range

The first thing on your mind has to be: ‘Can I afford it?’ You need to allot a certain price range when buying TVs. Usually, the cheapest ones cost around $300 and the expensive ones can go beyond $3,000.

Set a price range that you can afford. If you have a narrow range, then your options will be limited. Once you secure that, it will be easier to know which TV is the best based on the technical criteria.

  • TV Size And Resolution

The bigger the size and resolution of the TV, the better choice it is. Nowadays, the common term is HD or High Definition. All modern TVs have at least that capability and so, it will be wise to adjust to a higher level, which is the ‘Ultra HD’ or another term is ‘4K’.

This type of TV is definitely large since the resolution is 4K. However, do you have a space for it? Is your home conducive for such a viewing experience? If all answers are ‘Yes’, then there’s nothing to argue further.

  • Display Technology

Plasma and LCD TVs are still available but they are impractical if you want to invest for the best TV. There can only be 2 choices: either LED or OLED. Generally, the two are the same except on their viewing angles. OLED TVs have a much wider optimized viewing angle than LED TVs but it costs much more.

  • Internet Capability

Cable TV will soon be obsolete as the streaming services have begun to exponentially grow over time. Although all modern TVs are capable of streaming, choose the one that is capable of higher resolution.

  • Device Compatibility

Port compatibility is a great feature to have. Sometimes you want to connect to an amplifier for that theatrical feel when you watch a blockbuster movie. Also, you want to connect to device players like VHS tapes for nostalgic reasons. They may not be used always but it is very handy to have different ports for compatibility.

  • Audio

The Audio on TV works best when there are external speakers. The most common sound requirement is the 5.1 stereo sound capability. If the TV is capable of this, then auxiliary sound systems can be connected to achieve that theatrical sound effect.

  • Durability and Warranty

The brand name of appliances is recognizable for different reasons but one of them is their quality. Top TV brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG are guaranteed to be durable and if any damage occurred, abundant spare parts are available.

And lastly, like all appliances, the warranty is very important. It is better to buy from authorized dealers so that you can get the full coverage of the warranty, which is usually 3 years at most.


Watching Full HD movies from either Netflix or a Blu-ray DVD player at 2 to 3 meters away while the sound is hooked on a 5.1 stereo system is such a relaxing and immersive experience. It can get better if you have family or friends together. Buying TVs is an investment both for entertainment and bonding, so choose the best that you can afford.