Top Tech Blogs Needed To Follow On Instagram

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Instagram is loaded with so many informational contents. One of those is information regarding technology and the tech industries. You can hier klicken if you want to be updated with the latest gadget in the market or be firmly decided to invest in a new video game.

You want to have an edge on your business by implementing automated features and digitalizing your systems. Or somehow, you want to be amazed and entertained by works from brilliant ideas. Here are some of the top tech blogs you need to follow on Instagram:


This is a tech blog by Marques Brownley. He posts regularly about the updates of the latest and coolest gadgets and technology devices available.


If you are a PC user, mostly for the love of playing PC games, then this tech blog is perfect for you. It features gaming consoles and some of the most fantastic PC setups you can find out there. You can even make inquiries for the stuff they are promoting.


Lava Mobile is an Indian smartphone company. If you love their products, make sure to follow them to catch up with the latest features and products the company is releasing. Also, if you are looking for an excellent quality Android phone but undecided what to choose, you might want to check their page and follow them if you find their posts encouraging.


This page is focused on discovering the latest technology available. There are lots of innovative concepts being featured here wherein you can apply them to your businesses and lifestyles.

There are also gears being showcased and campaigns being crowd-funded. As a tech enthusiast, you will find this page fueling your imaginative mind and feel excited about the possibility of utilizing the products at your convenience.


This Google-sponsored page aims to encourage women to learn code. Coding has been a very great skill to learn to be productive as more real-world information becomes digitalized. It is also an avenue to share the benefits of learning code to be income-generating and self-sufficient.


Bane Tech is a tech blog focusing on giving viewers news about the tech world and useful reviews about the smart gadgets being released in the market or even those yet-to-be-released in an exclusive manner.

The tone used in the review videos is made to have the audience engaged with what they are emphasizing. For someone looking to buy an individual gadget, make sure you see their reviews first on this page before deciding to proceed in buying them.


As modern technology evolves, the contents will also be increasing. These tech blogs can encourage you to spend your money to avail of the latest gadget, but more importantly, they gave you information to exercise your options and make the right decision.

They also serve as notifications that a specific tool has been made and ready for purchase to provide you the longing convenience needed in your life and endeavors.