What is Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking

In a nutshell, social bookmarking sites are a way for Internet users to bookmark and store Web sites they think are of interest. Thats why many marketers Buy Instagram Likes. It’s just like the regular bookmarking feature on your Web browser, but you can make it publicly available for others to see, and if they like it bookmark it themselves. Social bookmarking has become extremely popular, and is starting to replace browser-based bookmarking systems.

Social bookmarking is used all over the world. Users search through their bookmarks by keyword (or “tags”), and can search their bookmarks from any Internet connection – a convenience for travelers or business people. Many social bookmarking Web sites also have Web browser add-ons and plugins that allow you to have “one click” bookmarking. Many social bookmarking services also feature RSS feeds and sharing capabilities.

Another great feature about social bookmarks is their ability to create RSS feeds – which in turn you can add to a Web page or blog – giving you instant content. These RSS feeds can be categorized, so you can find content that will match the niche or theme of your Web site/Web page. People are always searching for information, especially updated information, and social bookmarks are the answer for both of those. Also, search engines love updated content, i.e., RSS feeds. Socially bookmarked content is sure to bring the search engine spiders back to your site frequently, and in turn give your Web site a high page ranking for your keywords.

Social bookmarking also allows visitors to comment on your bookmarks, creating a level of interactivity among users. Social bookmarking is all about “power to the people”. Social bookmarking has been around for a few years, but today it has matured technologically. Since there are so many bookmarking services available, users now have the ability to import and export bookmarks between services, import bookmarks from Web browsers, rate bookmarks, do Web annotations and join groups of users that are interested in a particular topic.

Seeing where social bookmarking has come, social bookmarking technology is definitely here to stay, both today and in the future. Social bookmarking is all about rating and labeling the Web, and is making it easier than ever to find the content you’re looking for. For users, it is a simple solution for all your bookmarking needs, and eliminates the need of having your important content on just one computer or Web browser. Users of social bookmarking networks now have the freedom to have access to their content and important Web sites from anywhere, and on any machine.