Last 2015, PC enthusiasts are happy and described last year’s hardware releases- awesome. However, this 2016 is expected to be much bigger and better than 2015 for PC enthusiasts and Gamers. In this article, you’ll see the reasons why they are so much excited and why this 2016 will be a great year especially for PC Gamers.

1. AMD’s new Zen CPU

The most anticipated and most awaited return of the sleeping Goliath, the AMD’s new CPU is finally here. It was quite a time since the Goliath stopped producing CPU chips that are capable of challenging Intel CPU’s. The AMD’s all-new architecture CPU codenamed Zen will put a good fight for Intel core i7s CPU. It is said that Zen is way faster than Intel chips because it has the ability to execute 40 percent more number of instructions per clock.

Zen was built with the AMD’s Clustered Multi-Threading design and determined to beat Intel’s 4-core chips. However, Intel’s may also release their new series of CPU’s, but AMD was already lining up Zen+ as their response.

2. New PC Monitors

cf42016 is also the year of a new era of PC Monitors, all thanks to AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-sync technology as their battle continues. AMD will even put pressure because they will enable FreeSync support on HDMI ports. This will make PC games to look become sharper and smoother.

3. Intel’s Optane

This year also comes with another innovation for PC storage solution, the Intel’s Optane. Optane is an all new class of storage and memory that is based from the ground-breaking technology called the 3D Xpoint and was developed by Intel and Micron. This technology offers 10 times denser than todays’ Dynamic random access memory or DRAM. It also comes 1,000 times faster than any flash storages available in the market.

4. Intel’s Broadwell-E and Haswell-E

This year, Intel will also release its new line-up of CPUs, the Broadwell-E and Haswell-E. It is said that it will have 10 cores and built on a 22nm process and the Broadwell-E at 14nm process. There’s a rumor that since AMD will release its all new CPU codename Zen, these Intel CPU Chips will be released on the market cheaper than their predecessors.

5. External Graphics

PC graphics card technology will also make an exciting change this year. Both AMD and NVidia will be releasing the next generation of graphics processing unit or GPU, all thanks to Alienware’s Amplifier which set up the trend in making better technologies for PC graphics card.